University of Arizona

Combining math, science and cutting edge research challenges that allow undergraduates, graduates and professors to work side by side on hot new projects, the University of Arizona's Department of Computer Sciences provides students with the tools needed to make the most of their inspirations by emphasizing both excellent teaching by respected faculty and experiential learning through top quality research. To receive their Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degrees, students must complete a minimum of 79 credits. This includes 30 credits of general education, eight credits of supporting sciences, 25 to 26 credits from the computer science core curriculum, and 16 credits in electives. Of the total credits required, at least 42 must be in upper level coursework and at least 30 must be competed at the University of Arizona. Students must also maintain a 2.0 GPA. Graduates who earn their bachelor's degree will be ready to enter technology careers in business, government, education and the nonprofit sector. They may also continue their education at the graduate level.

Northern Arizona University

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program at Northern Arizona University is geared for students who hope to carve out a professional career in large-scale software engineering. It is also well suited for those who plan to continue their studies at the graduate level. To receive their bacheloro's degrees, students must complete a total of 120 credits. This should include at least 61 credits in major curriculum coursework as well as sufficient credits to fulfill the university's liberal arts, pre-professional, and diversity requirements. These total credits must also contain at least 30 credits of upper level coursework and at least 30 credits taken at Northern Arizona University. Students who earn their bachelor's degrees will be ready to work for businesses devoted to complex software systems like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, and Intel. Suitable positions may be found in software consulting, graphics and game development, defense software analysis, and bio-informatics and data management. Students will also be able to continue their studies at the graduate level.