Southern Arkansas Univesity

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Southern Arkansas University adheres to the professional standards of the Association for Computer Machinery. The program has to concentration options, including Computer Game and Animation Design or Computer Technology. The Game and Animation Design option is designed for students interested in the highly competitive field of game design. Students learn necessary skills to succeed in game design and animation in coursework that also includes mobile applications, a growing field in the game industry. Students in the Computer Technology pathway develop skills in information technology, industrial technology and computer applications that include electronic systems and devices used in creating computer hardware and software.

Arkansas State University

The Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science degree at Arkansas State focuses on the basics of computer problem solving for businesses. Students develop a strong foundation in software development, programming, operating systems, networking and other areas of the computer industry. Students receive broad exposure to information technology related to the business world while gaining skills in several programming environments and software applications. Electives in artificial intelligence, distributed systems, graphics, compilers and advanced program provide students with additional training for entry-level positions in the computer science industry